Fair Play V/A

(EN) The second Fair_Play compilation brings together 80 works by 90 female identifying or trans artists not only from French speaking countries but also from India, Tasmania, Syria, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Zimbabwe, China, Morocco …

Alexandra SPENCE, Aline PENITOT, Amandine CASADAMONT, Ana Maria ROMANO, Anaïs DENAUX, Andrea-Jane CORNELL, Anna RAIMONDO, Anne DROID, Anne LEPERE, Asmaa Farag AZOUZ, Cabiria CHOMEL, Canary BURTON, Friederike JAGER, Cendrine ROBELIN, Chantal DUMAS, Charo CALVO, Chloe DESPAX, Christine GROULT, Claudia WEGENER, Chiza MWINDE, crrmbl, Daniela DIURISI, Death of CODES, DinahBird, DJ Kwe FAVEL… more
released March 25, 2018

(EN) The proceeds of this compilation, go towards building visibility and distribution tools for the artists, such as a website, events, a label.
For the last 2 years featuring the work of more than 150 artists has been a labour of love, help us get off the ground and shatter the glass ceiling!
Full speed ahead! >>

Lettre d’infos en FR: eepurl.com/bS7mfj
Newsletter in EN: eepurl.com/bS2yZP


Production: DinahBird, Valérie Vivancos, Aline Pénitot, Sophie Couronne, Myriam Pruvot, Marie Lisel, Pôm Bouvier b.
Cover art / visuel : Pôm Bouvier b.
…Marielle Franco, in Memoriam..

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