Artist statement

I’m concerned about voices, voice recordings, field recordings and their boundaries as a marker to the talking place and the situated knowledge.

How do your city, your neighborhood, and your memories construct you?

How do you signify it?

How could you create and perform these memories, voices, stories and environment?

Imagination, places, my voice, your voices, someone else’s voices: a textural and noisy world.

The way I hear and how it constructs my world: talking place as depending on my listening place.

Your voice and the way you speak marked by your gender, race and your history (or herstory).

How can I give voice to all my ways of speaking and listening?

How can I make music on my situated knowledge?

Voice as the simplest and maybe the most complex form of existing – its semantic meanings, its poetic meaning and its sound possibilities – as a whole material to be worked on.

Instruments as voices, and voices as instruments: all possibilities combined, to be constructed, deconstructed, combined, processed and reimagined.