Mar de tralhas (released in march, 2017)

Mar de Tralhas
Isabel Nogueira: Sintetizador, pedais, looper e voz
Luciano Zanatta: Sintetizador, bytebeat, saxofone, pedais, bandolim
Isabel e Luciano fazem parte do Medula – Coletivo de criação sonora nomix()
Gravado ao vivo no Jazz No Hope 14. 10. 2016
Porto Alegre – Brasil
released March 11, 2017
Capa: Luciano Zanatta
Recording and Master: Al San

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Voicing (released in june, 2016)
memories, dreams, cut-ups, extended time.
nomad listenings in hybrid territories.
layers, loops, limits.
sound-voice, noise-voice, sense-voice.
voicing is isabel nogueira (recording, voice, processings, mix)
wavedrum: luciano zanatta
poems by daniela delias in voicing herstories: alice.
ambience in al final, el comienzo: carlos ferreira (guitar) and ricardo de carli (drums)

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Impermanente movimento

Is a serie of pieces composed with looped voices, celebrating the characteristics of circularity, of a friend talk in a circle of storytellers, of a non-hierarchized movement. It’s thought in narrative cuts, like a patchwork, and it plays with the idea of sound-voice mixed with semantic-voice; mixing everyday sounds with deconstructed songs, piano and ‘wavedrum’, all transformed. The singing plays with to be and not to be of noises of the house, the doors, the transformed sounds. From the memorial fragments and from the construction of relation with the three Basque goddesses of matriarchal cosmology (where Mari is the mother-Earth, Eguzki is the daughter-Sun and Ilargi is the daughter -Moon), It brings a musical look from the feminist epistemologies, contrasting with the model of a female falsely consensual, and, finally, highlighting the uniqueness of creation.

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The feminist theme was approached from the concepts of artistic research and conception of feminism as an epistemology, developing the look on themes of everyday live, the storytelling and exploring the expressive possibilities of the voice as meaning, processed voice, pitch voice and as a sound event. Based on these premises, each song of the Project combines these elements from different approaches.

Lusque-Fusque is a work of experimental songs developed as part of the artistic research project ” The lines off light of song writing”, held by the Research Group in Sound Creation of the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil.

The researchers who work on the project are Isabel Nogueira, Luciano Zanatta (from the Music Department) and João Carlos Machado (from the Drama Department).

This project includes songwriting, videomaking, public performances, recording and publication as a virtual album, accompanied by questioning of practical and conceptual aspects with the production of  theoretical reflection texts about the very same process.

The songs are composed to be performed by the group which makes use of materials previously worked on, improvisation and sound processing combining acoustic or/and electronic sources  such as voice, bass and guitar, samplers and synth softwares with physical controllers and processing  signals of acoustic or electric  sources, live electronics, indeterminacy and noise.

Thus, this project interacts with experimental, contemporary and electroacoustic music.

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