O que nos move, o que nos dobra, o que nos instiga

Artigo de Laila Rosa e Isabel Nogueira publicado na Revista Vórtex em dezembro de 2015.

Disponível em: http://www.revistavortex.com/rosa_nogueira_v3_n2.pdf

Abstract: This paper discusses theoretical aspects of feminist postcolonial perspective and offers a reflection on their applicability and consequences for musical creation, from a perspective that includes social markers such as gender, race and ethnicity, sexualities, social class, and so on. Under the lens of the feminist situated knowledge approach we take into account our previous work in musicology and ethnomusicology. We also aim to describe the process that made it possible to assume our identity as songwriters, and observe how the practice of sound creation is deeply related to this trajectory. So we describe the making processes of our own work as cantautoras, bringing this category into the heart of the debate for its articulation of the songwriter and the performer and its importance to the feminist debate. By discussing the absence of women musical production in the musical and academic spaces, we also discuss possibilities of action in these contexts, articulating them under the theoretical approaches from gender and music studies in a broad sense. Keywords: Feminism, Musical Creation, Artistic Research, Post colonialism.

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