meteoro – phoenix

isabel nogueira – meteoro – phoenix
RELEASE: 20/04/2017

isabel nogueira – Sintetizadores, criação, mixagem / Synthesizers, creation, mixing

Capa/Cover: Luciano Zanatta
Gravação/Recording: abril/april 2017, Porto Alegre, Brazil.
Mastering: Isabel Nogueira

nomadismo disruptivo.

1 – meteoro – phoenix



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WISWOS is delighted to announce that we have been awarded the Research in a Box grant.

‘Research in a Box’ is a loanable kit aimed at GCSE or A-Level school students that fits in with the appropriate curriculum and at the same time showcases resources used by researchers. The aim is to inspire the next generation of researchers and to aid in the transition of pupils from school to University.’ (Lancaster University)

The aim of the box is to first, make practical interventions into the current pedagogical apparatus for the teaching of sonic technologies in schools, and second, to interrogate and generate the construction of virtual and physical sites of knowledge exchange on gender, sound and technology.

Discussions and focus groups with young women and teenagers at the WISWOS symposia, which began in 2015, indicated that girls felt the model for the teaching of technology and music was inherently gendered and excluded their participation with these subjects. Recent research shows that it is increasingly clear that existing ideologies of gender and technology are being absorbed into pedagogical constructs shaping the teaching of music technology and influencing the perception of technology in general.

The loanable box will contain a series of toolkits for would be noise makers, tutorials on sound design, instrument building and live coding. We will also be commissioning women makers and composers to create tutorial videos for young girls to access, which will be located on a dedicated learning website. The boxes will be available from Lancaster University from September 2017.

Linda O Keeffe, Rebecca Collins

With thanks to the core network for consulting on this proposal
Andrew Deakin (Octopus Collective)
Milena Droumeva
Lisa Busby
Lilian Campesato
Isabel Nogueira

Mar de tralhas

Mar de Tralhas
Isabel Nogueira: Sintetizador, pedais, looper e voz
Luciano Zanatta: Sintetizador, bytebeat, saxofone, pedais, bandolim
Isabel e Luciano fazem parte do Medula – Coletivo de criação sonora nomix()

Gravado ao vivo no Jazz No Hope 14. 10. 2016
Porto Alegre – Brasil


released March 11, 2017

Capa: Luciano Zanatta

Recording and Master: Al Sand



by Isabel Nogueira

dreams 00:00 / 01:30
dreams 01:30


memórias, sonhos, colagens, tempo estendido.
escutas nômades em territórios híbridos.
camadas, loops, limites.
voz-som, voz-ruído, voz-sentido.

voicing é isabel nogueira (gravação, voz, processamentos, mix).
wavedrum: luciano zanatta
poemas de daniela delias em voicing herstories: alice.
ambiência em al final, el comienzo: carlos ferreira (guitarra) e ricardo de carli (bateria).


memories, dreams, cut-ups, extended time.
nomad listenings in hybrid territories.
layers, loops, limits.
sound-voice, noise-voice, sense-voice.

voicing is isabel nogueira (recording, voice, processings, mix)
wavedrum: luciano zanatta
poems by daniela delias in voicing herstories: alice.
ambience in al final, el comienzo: carlos ferreira (guitar) and ricardo de carli (drums)



released June 20, 2016


Seminal Records #026