Fair Play V/A

https://fairplaynetwork.bandcamp.com/album/fair-play-2 (EN) The second Fair_Play compilation brings together 80 works by 90 female identifying or trans artists not only from French speaking countries but also from India, Tasmania, Syria, Brazil, Egypt, Estonia, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Austria, USA, UK, Australia, Spain, Canada, Czech Republic, Mexico, Argentina, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Zimbabwe, China, Morocco … Avec/with Alexandra SPENCE, […]

Hybrid, new album, released by Pan y Rosas Discos

hybrid voices. hybrid women. constructed and nomade. inner things, outside things happening at the same time, not specifically related. a dance between memory and imagination. nomade voices. cyberorishas. sonic storm. isabel nogueira: voice, sinthesizers, piano, creation, mix. recorded in april, 2017. in porto alegre, brazil. mastered by andré brasil. cover art by luciano zanatta. cover […]

Tribute to Pauline Oliveros

Introduction On September 13, 1970, a young composer named Pauline Oliveros (1932-2016) published in The New York Times an article entitled “And Don’t Call Them ‘Lady’ Composers”, Ms. Oliveros addressed an unasked yet (tellingly so) critical question: “Why have there been no ‘great’ women composers?” Her argument is guided by a questioning of critical, historiographic […]

Kbeats Vol.3

https://kinobeat.bandcamp.com/album/kbeats-vol-3-m-sica-eletr-nica-meridional Através de 12 músicas a coletânea KBeats vol. 3 – Música Eletrônica Meridional, busca mapear e fomentar parte da nova produção de música feita no Rio Grande do Sul. Com um recorte de trabalhos que se utilizam de recursos digitais e eletrônicos em seus processos de criação, a compilação não se restringe a nenhum […]