Artistic Projects


Research Group in Gender and Music, from the Federal University at Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, coordinated by Isabel Nogueira. The Research Group Works in projects about music and gender, about women composers at the South of Brazil, and collaborate in networks as Sonora! ( and Electronic Girls (

Medula (Portuguese term for “marrow”) is an artistic performance group that works  with the Research Group of Sound Creation and the Research Group of Gender and Music, both based at UFRGS. The group creates music from different aspects of sound. The Marrow image brings the relation between material and immaterial, physical and psychic, what stands within or behind the physical structure, an image of the operating concept per se. The group productions are artistic and theoretical works which discuss or make use of overdubs   and crossing boundaries of disciplinary fields. They can be in the form of music, sound art, visual art – in a way that makes it difficult to know exactly where one thing starts and another ends.


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