Isabel Nogueira

Musicologist, performer, composer and artivist, PhD in Musicology at the Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain (2001) and Bachelor of Piano at the Federal University of Pelotas, RS, Brasil (1993). Professor of the Arts Institute at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul, professor and supervisor of Graduate Courses, Master and Doctor of Music (UFRGS), and Master and Doctor of Social Memory and Cultural Heritage (UFPel / RS). Member of the Research Group in Sound Creation (UFRGS), Studies in Music and Media (Musimid / SP), Research Group in Performance Practices (UFRGS) and SARDS- Sonic Arts Research &Decolonial Studies (University of Costa Rica). She coordinates the Research Group in Gender and Music, at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. She develops research projects in music and gender, and sound creation. She has written books and papers about musicology, and music and gender, specially a Brazilian book launched in 2013 about this subject, that brings important researches from this country, as well as researches from Costa Rica, Portugal and Spain, available here: She has released the phonographic works “VestígiosVioleta”(2014),“Impermanente movimento”(2016),with Luciano Zanatta, by the netlabel Plataforma Records, Voicing (2016) by Seminal Records, Lusque Fusque (2016), with Luciano Zanatta, by Electronicgirls and Mar de Tralhas (2017), by ASRecords. She develops artistic research works in voice, fied recording, experimental sounds. She is part of Medula Collective of Sound Experiments and part of Strana Lektiri Duo, with Leandra Lambert.



Video and sound works:

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